petsc-3.8.4 2018-03-24
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Flags the solver to restart the next step


#include "petscts.h"  
PetscErrorCode TSRestartStep(TS ts)
Collective on TS

Input Parameter

ts -the TS context obtained from TSCreate()


Multistep methods like BDF or Runge-Kutta methods with FSAL property require restarting the solver in the event of discontinuities. These discontinuities may be introduced as a consequence of explicitly modifications to the solution vector (which PETSc attempts to detect and handle) or problem coefficients (which PETSc is not able to detect). For the sake of correctness and maximum safety, users are expected to call TSRestart() whenever they introduce discontinuities in callback routines (e.g. prestep and poststep routines, or implicit/rhs function routines with discontinuous source terms).


TS, timestep, restart

See Also

TSSolve(), TSSetPreStep(), TSSetPostStep()

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