Mesh Oriented datABase  (version 5.5.1)
An array-based unstructured mesh library
Internals.hpp File Reference
#include "moab/Types.hpp"
#include <cassert>
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 Class representing axis-aligned bounding box.


#define MB_TYPE_WIDTH   4
#define MB_ID_WIDTH   ( 8 * sizeof( EntityHandle ) - MB_TYPE_WIDTH )
#define MB_TYPE_MASK   ( (EntityHandle)0xF << MB_ID_WIDTH )
#define MB_START_ID   ( (EntityID)1 )
 All entity id's currently start at 1. More...
#define MB_END_ID   ( (EntityID)MB_ID_MASK )
 Last id is the complement of the MASK. More...
#define MB_ID_MASK   ( ~MB_TYPE_MASK )


EntityHandle moab::CREATE_HANDLE (const unsigned type, const EntityID id, int &err)
 Given a type and an id create a handle. More...
EntityHandle moab::CREATE_HANDLE (const unsigned type, const EntityID id)
EntityHandle moab::FIRST_HANDLE (unsigned type)
EntityHandle moab::LAST_HANDLE (unsigned type)
EntityID moab::ID_FROM_HANDLE (EntityHandle handle)
 Get the entity id out of the handle. More...
EntityType moab::TYPE_FROM_HANDLE (EntityHandle handle)
 Get the type out of the handle. Can do a simple shift because handles are unsigned (therefore shifting fills with zero's) More...

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#define MB_END_ID   ( (EntityID)MB_ID_MASK )

Last id is the complement of the MASK.

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#define MB_ID_MASK   ( ~MB_TYPE_MASK )

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#define MB_ID_WIDTH   ( 8 * sizeof( EntityHandle ) - MB_TYPE_WIDTH )

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#define MB_START_ID   ( (EntityID)1 )

All entity id's currently start at 1.

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#define MB_TYPE_MASK   ( (EntityHandle)0xF << MB_ID_WIDTH )

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#define MB_TYPE_WIDTH   4

Define EntityHandle for both 32 bit and 64 bit systems. The decision to use 64 bit handles must be made at compile time.

EntityHandle format: 0xXYYYYYYY (assuming a 32-bit handle. Top 4 bits reserved on a 64 bit system) X - reserved for entity type. This system can only handle 15 different types Y - Entity id space. Max id is over 200M

Note that for specialized databases (such as all hex) 16 bits are not required for the entity type and the id space can be increased to over 2B.

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