petsc-3.13.6 2020-09-29
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Takes a PETSc format string and converts the %D to %d for 32 bit PETSc indices and %lld for 64 bit PETSc indices. Also converts %g to [|%g|] so that PetscVSNPrintf() can easily insure all %g formatted numbers have a decimal point when printed.


PetscErrorCode PetscFormatConvert(const char *format,char *newformat)

Input Parameters

format - the PETSc format string
newformat - the location to put the new format
size - the length of newformat, you can use PetscFormatConvertGetSize() to compute the needed size

Note: this exists so we can have the same code when PetscInt is either int or long long int

See Also

PetscFormatConvertGetSize(), PetscVSNPrintf(), PetscVFPrintf()




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