petsc-3.13.6 2020-09-29
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The PETSc version of vsnprintf(). Converts a PETSc format string into a standard C format string and then puts all the function arguments into a string using the format statement.


PetscErrorCode PetscVSNPrintf(char *str,size_t len,const char *format,size_t *fullLength,va_list Argp)

Input Parameters

str - location to put result
len - the amount of space in str + format - the PETSc format string
fullLength - the amount of space in str actually used.

Developer Notes

this function may be called from an error handler, if an error occurs when it is called by the error handler than likely a recursion will occur and possible crash.

See Also

PetscVSNPrintf(), PetscErrorPrintf(), PetscVPrintf()




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