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register a fourth order Rosenbrock scheme by providing paramter choices


#include "petscts.h"   
PetscErrorCode TSRosWRegisterRos4(TSRosWType name,PetscReal gamma,PetscReal a2,PetscReal a3,PetscReal b3,PetscReal e4)
Not Collective, but the same schemes should be registered on all processes on which they will be used

Input Parameters


This routine encodes the design of fourth order Rosenbrock methods as described in Hairer and Wanner volume 2. It is used here to implement several methods from the book and can be used to experiment with new methods. It was written this way instead of by copying coefficients in order to provide better than double precision satisfaction of the order conditions.


TS, register

See Also

TSRosW, TSRosWRegister()




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name - identifier for method
gamma - leading coefficient (diagonal entry)
a2 - design parameter, see Table 7.2 of Hairer&Wanner
a3 - design parameter or PETSC_DEFAULT to satisfy one of the order five conditions (Eq 7.22)
b3 - design parameter, see Table 7.2 of Hairer&Wanner
beta43 - design parameter or PETSC_DEFAULT to use Equation 7.21 of Hairer&Wanner
e4 - design parameter for embedded method, see coefficient E4 in ros4.f code from Hairer