petsc-3.9.4 2018-09-11
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Loads a file to the Box Drive


PetscErrorCode PetscBoxUpload(MPI_Comm comm,const char access_token[],const char filename[])
This routine has not yet been written; it is just copied from Google Drive

Not collective, only the first process in the MPI_Comm uploads the file

Input Parameters

comm - MPI communicator
access_token - obtained with PetscBoxRefresh(), pass NULL to have PETSc generate one
filename - file to upload; if you upload multiple times it will have different names each time on Box Drive

Options Database

-box_refresh_token XXX - Usage Patterns: With PETSc option -box_refresh_token XXX given PetscBoxUpload(comm,NULL,filename); will upload file with no user interaction

Without PETSc option -box_refresh_token XXX given PetscBoxUpload(comm,NULL,filename); for first use will prompt user to authorize access to Box Drive with their processor

With PETSc option -box_refresh_token XXX given PetscBoxRefresh(comm,NULL,access_token,sizeof(access_token)); PetscBoxUpload(comm,access_token,filename);

With refresh token entered in some way by the user PetscBoxRefresh(comm,refresh_token,access_token,sizeof(access_token)); PetscBoxUpload(comm,access_token,filename);

PetscBoxAuthorize(comm,access_token,refresh_token,sizeof(access_token)); PetscBoxUpload(comm,access_token,filename);

See Also

PetscURLShorten(), PetscBoxAuthorize(), PetscBoxRefresh()




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