petsc-3.9.4 2018-09-11
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Given an index set (IS) generates the complement index set. That is all all indices that are NOT in the given set.


#include "petscis.h"  
PetscErrorCode  ISComplement(IS is,PetscInt nmin,PetscInt nmax,IS *isout)
Collective on IS

Input Parameter

is - the index set
nmin - the first index desired in the local part of the complement
nmax - the largest index desired in the local part of the complement (note that all indices in is must be greater or equal to nmin and less than nmax)

Output Parameter

isout -the complement

Notes: The communicator for this new IS is the same as for the input IS

For a parallel IS, this will generate the local part of the complement on each process

To generate the entire complement (on each process) of a parallel IS, first call ISAllGather() and then call this routine.

See Also

ISCreateGeneral(), ISCreateStride(), ISCreateBlock(), ISAllGather()







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