petsc-3.9.4 2018-09-11
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Return a quadrature over the composite element, which has the original quadrature in each subelement


#include "petscdt.h" 
PetscErrorCode PetscQuadratureExpandComposite(PetscQuadrature q, PetscInt numSubelements, const PetscReal v0[], const PetscReal jac[], PetscQuadrature *qref)
Not collective

Input Parameter

q - The original PetscQuadrature
numSubelements - The number of subelements the original element is divided into
v0 - An array of the initial points for each subelement
jac - An array of the Jacobian mappings from the reference to each subelement

Output Parameters

dim -The dimension

Note: Together v0 and jac define an affine mapping from the original reference element to each subelement

Not available from Fortran

See Also

PetscFECreate(), PetscSpaceGetDimension(), PetscDualSpaceGetDimension()




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