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Sets the format for PetscViewers.


#include "petscsys.h" 
PetscErrorCode  PetscViewerSetFormat(PetscViewer viewer,PetscViewerFormat format)
Logically Collective on PetscViewer

This routine is deprecated, you should use PetscViewerPushFormat()/PetscViewerPopFormat()

Input Parameters

viewer - the PetscViewer
format - the format


Available formats include
PETSC_VIEWER_DEFAULT - default format
PETSC_VIEWER_ASCII_DENSE - print matrix as dense
PETSC_VIEWER_ASCII_IMPL - implementation-specific format (which is in many cases the same as the default)
PETSC_VIEWER_ASCII_INFO - basic information about object
PETSC_VIEWER_ASCII_INFO_DETAIL - more detailed info about object
PETSC_VIEWER_ASCII_COMMON - identical output format for all objects of a particular type
PETSC_VIEWER_ASCII_INDEX - (for vectors) prints the vector element number next to each vector entry
PETSC_VIEWER_ASCII_SYMMODU - print parallel vectors without indicating the processor ranges
PETSC_VIEWER_ASCII_VTK - outputs the object to a VTK file
PETSC_VIEWER_NATIVE - store the object to the binary file in its native format (for example, dense matrices are stored as dense), DMDA vectors are dumped directly to the file instead of being first put in the natural ordering
PETSC_VIEWER_DRAW_BASIC - views the vector with a simple 1d plot
PETSC_VIEWER_DRAW_LG - views the vector with a line graph
PETSC_VIEWER_DRAW_CONTOUR - views the vector with a contour plot

These formats are most often used for viewing matrices and vectors.

If a format (for example PETSC_VIEWER_DRAW_CONTOUR) was applied to a viewer where it didn't apply (PETSC_VIEWER_STDOUT_WORLD) it cause the default behavior for that viewer to be used.

Note: This supports passing in a NULL for the viewer for use in the debugger, but it should never be called in the code with a NULL viewer

See Also

PetscViewerASCIIOpen(), PetscViewerBinaryOpen(), MatView(), VecView(), PetscViewerType,
PetscViewerPushFormat(), PetscViewerPopFormat(), PetscViewerDrawOpen(),PetscViewerSocketOpen()

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