petsc-3.8.4 2018-03-24
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register an GLEE scheme by providing the entries in the Butcher tableau


#include "petscts.h"   
PetscErrorCode TSGLEERegister(TSGLEEType name,PetscInt order,PetscInt s, PetscInt r,
                              PetscReal gamma,
                              const PetscReal A[],const PetscReal B[],
                              const PetscReal U[],const PetscReal V[],
                              const PetscReal S[],const PetscReal F[],
                              const PetscReal c[],
                              const PetscReal Fembed[],const PetscReal Ferror[],
                              const PetscReal Serror[],
                              PetscInt pinterp, const PetscReal binterp[])
Not Collective, but the same schemes should be registered on all processes on which they will be used

Input Parameters

name - identifier for method
order - order of method
s - number of stages
r - number of steps
gamma - LTE ratio
A - stage coefficients (dimension s*s, row-major)
B - step completion coefficients (dimension r*s, row-major)
U - method coefficients (dimension s*r, row-major)
V - method coefficients (dimension r*r, row-major)
S - starting coefficients
F - finishing coefficients
c - abscissa (dimension s; NULL to use row sums of A)
Fembed - step completion coefficients for embedded method
Ferror - error computation coefficients
Serror - error initialization coefficients
pinterp - order of interpolation (0 if unavailable)
binterp - array of interpolation coefficients (NULL if unavailable)


Several GLEE methods are provided, this function is only needed to create new methods.


TS, register

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