petsc-3.8.4 2018-03-24
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Send a request to an HTTPS server


PetscErrorCode PetscHTTPSRequest(const char type[],const char url[],const char header[],const char ctype[],const char body[],SSL *ssl,char buff[],size_t buffsize)

Input Parameters

type - either "POST" or "GET"
url - URL of request host/path
header - additional header information, may be NULL
ctype - data type of body, for example application/json
body - data to send to server
ssl - obtained with PetscHTTPSConnect()
buffsize - size of buffer

Output Parameter

buff -everything returned from server

See Also

PetscHTTPRequest(), PetscHTTPSConnect(), PetscSSLInitializeContext(), PetscSSLDestroyContext(), PetscPullJSONValue()

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