petsc-3.8.4 2018-03-24
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This manual page provides information about how PETSc documents and uses its version information. This information is available to both C/C++ and Fortran compilers when petscsys.h is included.

The current PETSc version and the API for accessing it are defined in petscversion.h

The complete version number is given as the triple PETSC_VERSION_MAJOR.PETSC_VERSION_MINOR.PETSC_VERSION_SUBMINOR (in short hand x.y.z)

A change in the minor version number (y) indicates possible/likely changes in the PETSc API. Note this is different than with the semantic versioning convention where only a change in the major version number (x) indicates a change in the API.

A subminor greater than zero indicates a patch release. Version x.y.z maintains source and binary compatibility with version x.y.w for all z and w

Use the macros PETSC_VERSION_EQ(x,y,z), PETSC_VERSION_LT(x,y,z), PETSC_VERSION_LE(x,y,z), PETSC_VERSION_GT(x,y,z), PETSC_VERSION_GE(x,y,z) to determine if the current version is equal to, less than, less than or equal to, greater than or greater than or equal to a given version number (x.y.z).

PETSC_RELEASE_DATE is the date the x.y version was released (i.e. the version before any patch releases)

PETSC_VERSION_DATE is the date the x.y.z version was released

PETSC_VERSION_GIT is the last git commit to the repository given in the form vx.y.z-wwwww

PETSC_VERSION_DATE_GIT is the date of the last git commit to the repository

PETSC_VERSION_() and PETSC_VERSION_PATCH are deprecated and will eventually be removed. For several releases PETSC_VERSION_PATCH is always 0

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