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Turns on/off printing useful information and debugging output about the line search.


#include "petscsnes.h" 
PetscErrorCode  SNESLineSearchSetDefaultMonitor(SNESLineSearch linesearch, PetscViewer viewer)

Input Parameters

linesearch - the linesearch object
viewer - an ASCII PetscViewer or NULL to turn off monitor

Logically Collective on SNESLineSearch

Options Database

-snes_linesearch_monitor [:filename] -enables the monitor

Developer Note: This monitor is implemented differently than the other SNESLineSearchMonitors that are set with SNESLineSearchMonitorSet() since it is called in many locations of the line search routines to display aspects of the line search that are not visible to the other monitors.

See Also

SNESLineSearchGetDefaultMonitor(), PetscViewer, SNESLineSearchSetMonitor()

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