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Gets the tolerances for the linesearch. These include tolerances for the relative and absolute change in the function norm, the change in lambda for iterative line searches, the minimum steplength, the maximum steplength, and the maximum number of iterations the line search procedure may take.


#include "petscsnes.h" 
PetscErrorCode  SNESLineSearchGetTolerances(SNESLineSearch linesearch,PetscReal *steptol,PetscReal *maxstep, PetscReal *rtol, PetscReal *atol, PetscReal *ltol, PetscInt *max_its)

Input Parameters

linesearch -linesearch context

Output Parameters

steptol - The minimum steplength
maxstep - The maximum steplength
rtol - The relative tolerance for iterative line searches
atol - The absolute tolerance for iterative line searches
ltol - The change in lambda tolerance for iterative line searches
max_it - The maximum number of iterations of the line search


Different line searches may implement these parameters slightly differently as the type requires.

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