petsc-3.8.4 2018-03-24
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Generate the axis data structure.


#include "petscdraw.h"  
PetscErrorCode  PetscDrawAxisCreate(PetscDraw draw,PetscDrawAxis *axis)
Collective on PetscDraw

Input Parameters

win -PetscDraw object where axis to to be made

Ouput Parameters

axis -the axis datastructure

Notes: the MPI communicator that owns the underlying draw object owns the PetscDrawAxis object, but calls to set PetscDrawAxis options are ignored by all processes except the first MPI process in the communicator

See Also

PetscDrawLGCreate(), PetscDrawLG, PetscDrawSPCreate(), PetscDrawSP, PetscDrawHGCreate(), PetscDrawHG, PetscDrawBarCreate(), PetscDrawBar, PetscDrawLGGetAxis(), PetscDrawSPGetAxis(),
PetscDrawHGGetAxis(), PetscDrawBarGetAxis(), PetscDrawAxis, PetscDrawAxisDestroy(), PetscDrawAxisSetColors(), PetscDrawAxisSetLabels(), PetscDrawAxisSetLimits(), PetscDrawAxisGetLimits(), PetscDrawAxisSetHoldLimits(), PetscDrawAxisDraw()

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