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Set point coordinates in a DMSwarm from a user defined list


#include "petscdmswarm.h"   
PETSC_EXTERN PetscErrorCode DMSwarmSetPointCoordinates(DM dm,PetscInt npoints,PetscReal coor[],PetscBool redundant,InsertMode mode)
Collective on DM

Input parameters

dm - the DMSwarm
npoints - the number of points to insert
coor - the coordinate values
redundant - if set to PETSC_TRUE, it is assumed that npoints and coor[] are only valid on rank 0 and should be broadcast to other ranks
mode - indicates whether to append points to the swarm (ADD_VALUES), or over-ride existing points (INSERT_VALUES)


If the user has specified redundant = PETSC_FALSE, the cell DM will attempt to locate the coordinates provided by coor[] within its sub-domain. If they any values within coor[] are not located in the sub-domain, they will be ignored and will not get added to the DMSwarm.

See Also

DMSwarmSetType(), DMSwarmSetCellDM(), DMSwarmType, DMSwarmSetPointsUniformCoordinates()

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