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Returns a multiple dimension array that shares data with the underlying vector and is indexed using the global dimensions.


#include "petscdmda.h"   
PetscErrorCode  DMDAVecGetArrayDOFRead(DM da,Vec vec,void *array)
Not Collective

Input Parameter

da - the distributed array
vec - the vector, either a vector the same size as one obtained with DMCreateGlobalVector() or DMCreateLocalVector()

Output Parameter

array -the array


Call DMDAVecRestoreArrayDOFRead() once you have finished accessing the vector entries.

In C, the indexing is "backwards" from what expects: array[k][j][i][DOF] NOT array[i][j][k][DOF]!

In Fortran 90 you do not need a version of DMDAVecRestoreArrayDOF() just use DMDAVecRestoreArrayReadF90() and declare your array with one higher dimension, see src/dm/examples/tutorials/ex11f90.F


distributed array, get, corners, nodes, local indices, coordinates

See Also

DMDAGetGhostCorners(), DMDAGetCorners(), VecGetArray(), VecRestoreArray(), DMDAVecRestoreArray(), DMDAVecGetArray(), DMDAVecRestoreArrayDOF()

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