petsc-3.8.4 2018-03-24
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Evaluate bases and derivatives at quadrature points for a linear EDGE/QUAD/TRI/HEX/TET element.


#include "petscdt.h" 
#include "petscdmmoab.h"   
PetscErrorCode DMMoabFEMComputeBasis ( const PetscInt dim, const PetscInt nverts, const PetscReal *coordinates, const PetscQuadrature quadrature, 
                                       PetscReal *phypts, PetscReal *jacobian_quadrature_weight_product, 
                                       PetscReal *fe_basis, PetscReal **fe_basis_derivatives)
The routine takes the coordinates of the vertices of an element and computes basis functions associated with each quadrature point provided, and their derivatives with respect to X, Y and Z as appropriate.

Input Parameter

PetscInt nverts, the number of element vertices -. PetscReal coords[3*nverts], the physical coordinates of the vertices (in canonical numbering)
PetscInt npts, the number of evaluation points (quadrature points) -. PetscReal quad[3*npts], the evaluation points (quadrature points) in the reference space

Output Parameter

PetscReal phypts[3*npts], the evaluation points (quadrature points) transformed to the physical space -. PetscReal jxw[npts], the jacobian determinant * quadrature weight necessary for assembling discrete contributions
PetscReal fe_basis[npts], the bases values evaluated at the specified quadrature points -. PetscReal fe_basis_derivatives[dim][npts], the derivative of the bases wrt (X,Y,Z)-directions (depending on the dimension) evaluated at the specified quadrature points


DMMoab, FEM, 3-D

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