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Geometric algebraic multigrid (AMG) preconditioner

Options Database Keys

Multigrid options(inherited)
-pc_mg_cycles <v>: v or w (PCMGSetCycleType())- . -pc_mg_smoothup <1>: Number of post-smoothing steps (PCMGSetNumberSmoothUp)
-pc_mg_smoothdown <1>: Number of pre- smoothing steps (PCMGSetNumberSmoothDown)
-pc_mg_type <multiplicative>: (one of) additive multiplicative full kascade-

Notes: In order to obtain good performance for PCGAMG for vector valued problems you must

      Call MatSetBlockSize() to indicate the number of degrees of freedom per grid point
      Call MatSetNearNullSpace() (or PCSetCoordinates() if solving the equations of elasticity) to indicate the near null space of the operator
      See the Users Manual Chapter 4 for more details

See Also

PCCreate(), PCSetType(), MatSetBlockSize(), PCMGType, PCSetCoordinates(), MatSetNearNullSpace(), PCGAMGSetType(), PCGAMGAGG, PCGAMGGEO, PCGAMGCLASSICAL, PCGAMGSetProcEqLim(),
PCGAMGSetCoarseEqLim(), PCGAMGSetRepartitioning(), PCGAMGRegister(), PCGAMGSetReuseInterpolation(), PCGAMGSetUseASMAggs(), PCGAMGSetNlevels(), PCGAMGSetThreshold(), PCGAMGGetType()

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