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Zeros all entries (except possibly the main diagonal) of a set of rows and columns of a matrix; using local numbering of rows.


#include "petscmat.h" 
PetscErrorCode MatZeroRowsColumnsLocalIS(Mat mat,IS is,PetscScalar diag,Vec x,Vec b)
Collective on Mat

Input Parameters

mat - the matrix
is - index set of rows to remove
diag - value put in all diagonals of eliminated rows
x - optional vector of solutions for zeroed rows (other entries in vector are not used)
b - optional vector of right hand side, that will be adjusted by provided solution


Before calling MatZeroRowsColumnsLocalIS(), the user must first set the local-to-global mapping by calling MatSetLocalToGlobalMapping().

The user can set a value in the diagonal entry (or for the AIJ and row formats can optionally remove the main diagonal entry from the nonzero structure as well, by passing 0.0 as the final argument).

See Also

MatZeroRows(), MatZeroRowsLocal(), MatZeroEntries(), MatZeroRows(), MatSetLocalToGlobalMapping

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