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AO Manual Pages

AO (Application Orderings) are objects that manage mappings between different global orderings.

Beginner - Basic usage
AOApplicationToPetsc AOCreateBasicIS AOPetscToApplication
AOApplicationToPetscIS AOCreateMapping AOPetscToApplicationPermuteInt
AOApplicationToPetscPermuteInt AOCreateMappingIS AOPetscToApplicationPermuteReal
AOApplicationToPetscPermuteReal AOCreateMemoryScalable AOSetFromOptions
AOCreate AOCreateMemoryScalableIS AOSetIS
AOCreateBasic AODestroy AOType
Intermediate - Setting options for algorithms and data structures
AO AOMappingHasPetscIndex AOView
AOGetType AOPetscToApplicationIS
AOMappingHasApplicationIndex AOSetType
Advanced - Setting more advanced options and customization
AORegister AORegisterAll
Developer - Interfaces intended primarily for library developers, not for typical applications programmers
AOFinalizePackage AOInitializePackage
No deprecated routines

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