petsc-3.6.4 2016-04-12
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write binary data preceded by 32-bit int length (in bytes), does not do byte swapping.


#include "petscviewer.h" 
PetscErrorCode PetscViewerVTKFWrite(PetscViewer viewer,FILE *fp,const void *data,PetscInt n,PetscDataType dtype)
Logically collective on PetscViewer

Input Parameters

viewer - logically collective viewer, data written from rank 0
fp - file pointer valid on rank 0
data - data pointer valid on rank 0
n - number of data items
dtype - data type

Notes: If PetscScalar is __float128 then the binary files are written in double precision

See Also

DMDAVTKWriteAll(), DMComplexVTKWriteAll(), PetscViewerSetFormat(), PetscViewerVTKOpen(), PetscBinaryWrite()

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