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Accesses a read only array from Fortran90. For default PETSc vectors, VecGetArrayF90() returns a pointer to the local data array. Otherwise, this routine is implementation dependent. You MUST call VecRestoreArrayReadF90() when you no longer need access to the array.


VecGetArrayReadF90(Vec x,{Scalar, pointer :: xx_v(:)},integer ierr)
Logically Collective on Vec

Input Parameter

x -vector

Output Parameters

xx_v - the Fortran90 pointer to the array
ierr - error code

Example of Usage

    PetscScalar, pointer :: xx_v(:)
    call VecGetArrayReadF90(x,xx_v,ierr)
    a = xx_v(3)
    call VecRestoreArrayReadF90(x,xx_v,ierr)

If you intend to write entries into the array you must use VecGetArrayF90().

See Also

VecRestoreArrayReadF90(), VecGetArray(), VecRestoreArray(), VecGetArrayRead(), VecRestoreArrayRead(), VecGetArrayF90(), UsingFortran

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