petsc-3.6.4 2016-04-12
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Get authorization and refresh token for accessing Box drive from PETSc


PetscErrorCode PetscBoxAuthorize(MPI_Comm comm,char access_token[],char refresh_token[],size_t tokensize)
Not collective, only the first process in MPI_Comm does anything

Input Parameters

comm - the MPI communicator
tokensize - size of the token arrays

Output Parameters

access_token - can be used with PetscBoxUpload() for this one session
refresh_token - can be used for ever to obtain new access_tokens with PetscBoxRefresh(), guard this like a password it gives access to your Box Drive

Notes: This call requires stdout and stdin access from process 0 on the MPI communicator

You can run src/sys/webclient/examples/tutorials/boxobtainrefreshtoken to get a refresh token and then in the future pass it to PETSc programs with -box_refresh_token XXX

This requires PETSc be installed using --with-saws or --download-saws

Requires the user have created a self-signed ssl certificate with

   saws/  -newcert  (using the passphrase of password)
   cat newkey.pem newcert.pem > sslclient.pem

and put the resulting file in either the current directory (with the application) or in the home directory. This seems kind of silly but it was all I could figure out.

See Also

PetscBoxRefresh(), PetscBoxUpload(), PetscURLShorten()

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