petsc-3.6.4 2016-04-12
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PETSc object that manages a collection of user data including parameters. A bag is essentially a C struct with serialization (you can save it and load it from files).


typedef struct _n_PetscBag*     PetscBag;

Sample Usage

     typedef struct {
        PetscInt     height;
        PetscScalar  root;
        PetscReal    byebye;
     } MyParameters;

     PetscBag     bag;
     MyParameters *params;

     ierr = PetscBagCreate(PETSC_COMM_WORLD,sizeof(MyParameters),&bag);
     ierr = PetscBagGetData(bag,(void **)&params);
     ierr = PetscBagSetName(bag,"MyParameters");
     ierr = PetscBagRegisterInt(bag,&params.height,22,"height","Height of the water tower");

See Also

PetscBagSetName(), PetscBagGetName(), PetscBagView(), PetscBagLoad(), PetscBagGetData()
PetscBagRegisterReal(), PetscBagRegisterInt(), PetscBagRegisterBool(), PetscBagRegisterScalar() PetscBagSetFromOptions(), PetscBagRegisterVec(), PetscBagCreate(), PetscBagDestroy(), PetscBagRegisterEnum()

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