petsc-3.6.4 2016-04-12
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datatype used to represent 'int' parameters to BLAS/LAPACK functions.

Notes: usually this is the same as PetscInt, but if PETSc was built with --with-64-bit-indices but standard C/Fortran integers are 32 bit then this is NOT the same as PetscInt it remains 32 bit (except on very rare BLAS/LAPACK implementations that support 64 bit integers see the note below).

PetscErrorCode PetscBLASIntCast(a,&b) checks if the given PetscInt a will fit in a PetscBLASInt, if not it generates a PETSC_ERR_ARG_OUTOFRANGE error

Installation Notes: The 64bit versions of MATLAB ship with BLAS and LAPACK that use 64 bit integers for sizes etc, if you run ./configure with the option --with-blas-lapack-lib=[/Applications/,/Applications/] but you need to also use --known-64-bit-blas-indices.

MKL also ships with 64 bit integer versions of the BLAS and LAPACK, if you select those you must also ./configure with --known-64-bit-blas-indices

Developer Notes: Eventually ./configure should automatically determine the size of the integers used by BLAS/LAPACK.

External packages such as hypre, ML, SuperLU etc do not provide any support for passing 64 bit integers to BLAS/LAPACK so cannot be used with PETSc if you have set PetscBLASInt to long int.

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