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Loads a vector that has been stored in binary or HDF5 format with ISView().


#include "petscis.h" 
PetscErrorCode ISLoad(IS is, PetscViewer viewer)
Collective on PetscViewer

Input Parameters

is - the newly loaded vector, this needs to have been created with ISCreate() or some related function before a call to ISLoad().
viewer - binary file viewer, obtained from PetscViewerBinaryOpen() or HDF5 file viewer, obtained from PetscViewerHDF5Open()


IF using HDF5, you must assign the IS the same name as was used in the IS that was stored in the file using PetscObjectSetName(). Otherwise you will get the error message: "Cannot H5DOpen2() with Vec name NAMEOFOBJECT"

See Also

PetscViewerBinaryOpen(), ISView(), MatLoad(), VecLoad()

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