petsc-3.6.4 2016-04-12
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Gets the local degree-of-freedom for the first field (component) defined on an array of MOAB EntityHandles. It is useful when performing local Blocked(Get/Set) methods in computation of element residuals and assembly of the discrete systems when all fields are co-located.


#include "petscdmmoab.h"   
PetscErrorCode DMMoabGetDofsBlockedLocal(DM dm,PetscInt npoints,const moab::EntityHandle* points,PetscInt* dof)
Not Collective

Input Parameters

Output Parameter

dm - the discretization manager object
npoints - the total number of Entities in the points array
points - the MOAB EntityHandle container array which holds the field degree-of-freedom values


discretization manager, get, global degrees of freedom

See Also

DMMoabGetDofsLocal(), DMMoabGetDofs(), DMMoabGetDofsBlockedLocal()

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dof - the blocked local degree-of-freedom index array in the discrete representation (Vec, Mat)