petsc-3.3-p7 2013-05-11

DM Examples

DM objects are used to manage communication between the algebraic structures in PETSc (Vec and Mat) and mesh data structures in PDE-based (or other) simulations. See, for example, DMDACreate().

ex1.c: Tests VecView() contour plotting for 2d DMDAs
ex2.c: Tests DMDAGlobalToNaturalAllCreate() using contour plotting for 2d DMDAs
ex3.c: Tests DMCreateInterpolation for nonuniform DMDA coordinates
ex4.c: Demonstrates various vector routines
ex5.c: Tests DMDAGetElements() and VecView() contour plotting for 2d DMDAs
ex6.c: Demonstrates using 3 DMDA's to manage a slightly non-trivial grid
ex7.c: Demonstrates using the PetscViewerBinaryMatlab viewer\n\n
ex8.c: Tests imbedding DMComposites inside DMComposites
ex9.c: Demonstrates HD5 vector input/ouput\n\n
ex10.c: Test to write HDF5 file from PETSc DMDA Vec
ex12.c: Tests DMGetGlobalVector() and DMRestoreGlobalVector()