petsc-3.3-p7 2013-05-11


register a component as a component of shell, identifiable within shell by key. If a component with key already exists within shell, and component is not PETSC_NULL, the old component is replace. If component is PETSC_NULL, and key has not been registered with PetscShell, and new PetscShell component is created with key as its name, and stored in shell under key. If component is PETSC_NULL, and key has already been registered with PetscShell, nothing is done. The component can be later obtained with a PetscShellGetComponent() call, or referred to be its key in a PetscShellRegisterDependenceCall(). Components can be visited with a particular message using PetscShellVisit().


PetscErrorCode  PetscShellRegisterComponentShell(PetscShell shell, const char key[], PetscShell component)
Logically collective on PetscShell.

Input paramters

shell - - a PetscShell object
key - - a character string designating the added component.
component - - a PetscShell object to add (or PETSC_NULL)


See Also

PetscShellGetComponent(), PetscShellRegisterComponentURL(), PetscShellRegisterDependence(), PetscShellVisit()

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