petsc-3.3-p7 2013-05-11


extract shell's component corresponding to key. If key has been previously used with PetscShellRegisterComponentShell(), PetscShellRegisterComponentURL() or PetscShellRegisterDependence() this will return the corresponding component created during the first such call.


PetscErrorCode  PetscShellGetComponent(PetscShell shell, const char key[], PetscShell *component, PetscBool  *found)
Logically collective on comm.

Input paramters

shell - - PetscShell object being queried
key - - a character string designating the key of the component being sought

Output parameters

component - - the extracted component PetscShell object (or PETSC_NULL)
found - - PetscBool flag indicating whether a component with the given key has been found (or PETSC_NULL)

Notes: component can be PETSC_NULL, in which case only found is returned (if it is itself not PETSC_NULL). This is useful for quering for the presence of the given component, without extracting it.


See Also

PetscShellRegisterComponentShell(), PetscShellRegisterComponentURL(), PetscShellRegisterDependence()

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