petsc-3.3-p7 2013-05-11


mappings from an arbitrary local ordering from 0 to n-1 to a global PETSc ordering used by a vector or matrix.


struct _p_ISLocalToGlobalMapping{
  PetscInt n;                  /* number of local indices */
  PetscInt *indices;           /* global index of each local index */
  PetscInt globalstart;        /* first global referenced in indices */
  PetscInt globalend;          /* last + 1 global referenced in indices */
  PetscInt *globals;           /* local index for each global index between start and end */

Note: mapping from Local to Global is scalable; but Global to Local may not be if the range of global values represented locally is very large.

Note: the ISLocalToGlobalMapping is actually a private object; it is included here for the inline function ISLocalToGlobalMappingApply() to allow it to be inlined since it is used so often.

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