We thank all PETSc users for their many suggestions, bug reports, and encouragement.

Recent contributors to PETSc are listed in the repository system

Earlier contributors to PETSc that are not captured in the repository system include:

  • Asbjorn Hoiland Aarrestad, (the explicit Runge-Kutta implementations).

  • G. Anciaux and J. Roman, (the interfaces to the partitioning packages PTScotch, Chaco, and Party).

  • Allison Baker, (the flexible GMRES and the LGMRES code).

  • Chad Carroll, (the Win32 graphics).

  • Ethan Coon, (the PetscBag and many bug fixes).

  • Cameron Cooper, (portions of the VecScatter routines).

  • Paulo Goldfeld, (the balancing Neumann-Neumann preconditioner).

  • Matt Hille.

  • Joel Malard, (the BICGStab(l) implementation).

  • Paul Mullowney, (improvement enhancements to portions of the Nvidia GPU interface).

  • Dave May, (Generalized Conjugate Residuals (GCR) implementation).

  • Peter Mell, (portions of the DA routines).

  • Richard Mills, (the AIJPERM matrix format for the Cray X1; universal F90 array interface; enhancements to IBCGS; the AIJMKL matrix subclass).

  • Victor Minden, (the Nvidia GPU interface).

  • Todd Munson, (the LUSOL interface as well as the specialized KSPNASH, KSPSTCG, and KSPGLTR Krylov solvers).

  • Robert Scheichl, (the MINRES implementation).

  • Karen Toonen, (designed and implemented much of the PETSc old web pages).

  • Desire Nuentsa Wakam, (the deflated GMRES implementation).

  • Liyang Xu, (the interface to PVODE, now Sundials/CVODE).