petsc-3.14.6 2021-03-30
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Apply an a k-form (an alternating k-linear map) to a set of k N-dimensional vectors


#include "petscdt.h" 
PetscErrorCode PetscDTAltVApply(PetscInt N, PetscInt k, const PetscReal *w, const PetscReal *v, PetscReal *wv)

Input Arguments

N - the dimension of the vector space, N >= 0
k - the degree k of the k-form w, 0 <= k <= N
w - a k-form, size [N choose k] (each degree of freedom of a k-form is associated with a subset of k coordinates of the N-dimensional vectors: the degrees of freedom are ordered lexicographically by their associated subsets)
v - a set of k vectors of size N, size [k x N], each vector stored contiguously

Output Arguments

wv - w(v_1,...,v_k) = \sum_i w_i * det(V_i): the degree of freedom w_i is associated with coordinates [s_{i,1},...,s_{i,k}], and the square matrix V_i has entry (j,k) given by the s_{i,k}'th coordinate of v_j

See Also

PetscDTAltV, PetscDTAltVPullback(), PetscDTAltVPullbackMatrix()




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