petsc-3.14.6 2021-03-30
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Set the description of mesh periodicity


#include "petscdm.h"          
#include "petscdmlabel.h"     
#include "petscds.h"     
PetscErrorCode DMSetPeriodicity(DM dm, PetscBool per, const PetscReal maxCell[], const PetscReal L[], const DMBoundaryType bd[])

Input Parameters

dm - The DM object
per - Whether the DM is periodic or not.
maxCell - Over distances greater than this, we can assume a point has crossed over to another sheet, when trying to localize cell coordinates. Pass NULL to remove such information.
L - If we assume the mesh is a torus, this is the length of each coordinate
bd - This describes the type of periodicity in each topological dimension

Notes: If per is PETSC_TRUE and maxCell is not provided, coordinates need to be already localized, or must be localized by hand by the user.

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