petsc-3.13.6 2020-09-29
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Steps one time step


#include "petscts.h"  
PetscErrorCode  TSStep(TS ts)
Collective on TS

Input Parameter

ts -the TS context obtained from TSCreate()


The public interface for the ODE/DAE solvers is TSSolve(), you should almost for sure be using that routine and not this routine.

The hook set using TSSetPreStep() is called before each attempt to take the step. In general, the time step size may be changed due to adaptive error controller or solve failures. Note that steps may contain multiple stages.

This may over-step the final time provided in TSSetMaxTime() depending on the time-step used. TSSolve() interpolates to exactly the time provided in TSSetMaxTime(). One can use TSInterpolate() to determine an interpolated solution within the final timestep.

See Also

TSCreate(), TSSetUp(), TSDestroy(), TSSolve(), TSSetPreStep(), TSSetPreStage(), TSSetPostStage(), TSInterpolate()








TSStep_ARKIMEX in src/ts/impls/arkimex/arkimex.c
TSStep_BDF in src/ts/impls/bdf/bdf.c
TSStep_EIMEX in src/ts/impls/eimex/eimex.c
TSStep_Euler in src/ts/impls/explicit/euler/euler.c
TSStep_RK_MultirateNonsplit in src/ts/impls/explicit/rk/mrk.c
TSStep_RK_MultirateSplit in src/ts/impls/explicit/rk/mrk.c
TSStep_RK in src/ts/impls/explicit/rk/rk.c
TSStep_SSP in src/ts/impls/explicit/ssp/ssp.c
TSStep_GLEE in src/ts/impls/glee/glee.c
TSStep_Alpha in src/ts/impls/implicit/alpha/alpha1.c
TSStep_Alpha in src/ts/impls/implicit/alpha/alpha2.c
TSStep_Sundials in src/ts/impls/implicit/sundials/sundials.c
TSStep_Theta in src/ts/impls/implicit/theta/theta.c
TSStep_Mimex_Split in src/ts/impls/mimex/mimex.c
TSStep_Mimex_Implicit in src/ts/impls/mimex/mimex.c
TSStep_Mimex in src/ts/impls/mimex/mimex.c
TSStep_MPRK in src/ts/impls/multirate/mprk.c
TSStep_MPRKSPLIT in src/ts/impls/multirate/mprk.c
TSStep_Pseudo in src/ts/impls/pseudo/posindep.c
TSStep_RosW in src/ts/impls/rosw/rosw.c
TSStep_BasicSymplectic in src/ts/impls/symplectic/basicsymplectic/basicsymplectic.c

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