petsc-3.13.6 2020-09-29
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Runs a program on processor zero and sends either its input or output to a file.


PetscErrorCode  PetscPOpen(MPI_Comm comm,const char machine[],const char program[],const char mode[],FILE **fp)
Logically Collective, but only process 0 runs the command

Input Parameters

comm - MPI communicator, only processor zero runs the program
machine - machine to run command on or NULL, or string with 0 in first location
program - name of program to run
mode - either r or w

Output Parameter

fp -the file pointer where program input or output may be read or NULL if don't care


Use PetscPClose() to close the file pointer when you are finished with it Does not work under Windows

If machine is not provided will use the value set with PetsPOpenSetMachine() if that was provided, otherwise will use the machine running node zero of the communicator

The program string may contain ${DISPLAY}, ${HOMEDIRECTORY} or ${WORKINGDIRECTORY}; these will be replaced with relevent values.

See Also

PetscFOpen(), PetscFClose(), PetscPClose(), PetscPOpenSetMachine()




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