petsc-3.13.6 2020-09-29
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Get authorization and refresh token for accessing Box drive from PETSc


PetscErrorCode PetscBoxAuthorize(MPI_Comm comm,char access_token[],char refresh_token[],size_t tokensize)
Not collective, only the first process in MPI_Comm does anything

Input Parameters

comm - the MPI communicator
tokensize - size of the token arrays

Output Parameters

access_token - can be used with PetscBoxUpload() for this one session
refresh_token - can be used for ever to obtain new access_tokens with PetscBoxRefresh(), guard this like a password it gives access to your Box Drive


This call requires stdout and stdin access from process 0 on the MPI communicator

You can run src/sys/webclient/tutorials/boxobtainrefreshtoken to get a refresh token and then in the future pass it to PETSc programs with -box_refresh_token XXX

This requires PETSc be installed using --with-saws or --download-saws

Requires the user have created a self-signed ssl certificate with

   saws/  -newcert  (using the passphrase of password)
   cat newkey.pem newcert.pem > sslclient.pem

and put the resulting file in either the current directory (with the Section 1.5 Writing Application Codes with PETSc) or in the home directory. This seems kind of silly but it was all I could figure out.

See Also

PetscBoxRefresh(), PetscBoxUpload(), PetscURLShorten()







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