petsc-3.13.6 2020-09-29
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Set a parallel star forest via global indices and a PetscLayout


#include "petscis.h" 
PetscErrorCode PetscSFSetGraphLayout(PetscSF sf,PetscLayout layout,PetscInt nleaves,const PetscInt *ilocal,PetscCopyMode localmode,const PetscInt *iremote)

Input Arguments

sf - star forest
layout - PetscLayout defining the global space
nleaves - number of leaf vertices on the current process, each of these references a root on any process
ilocal - locations of leaves in leafdata buffers, pass NULL for contiguous storage
localmode - copy mode for ilocal
iremote - remote locations of root vertices for each leaf on the current process

Developers Note: Local indices which are the identity permutation in the range [0,nleaves) are discarded as they encode contiguous storage. In such case, if localmode is PETSC_OWN_POINTER, the memory is deallocated as it is not needed

See Also

PetscSFCreate(), PetscSFView(), PetscSFSetGraph(), PetscSFGetGraph()




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