petsc-3.13.6 2020-09-29
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Opens an X-window for use with the PetscDraw routines.


#include "petscsys.h" 
PetscErrorCode  PetscDrawOpenX(MPI_Comm comm,const char display[],const char title[],int x,int y,int w,int h,PetscDraw *draw)

Input Parameters

comm - the communicator that will share X-window
display - the X display on which to open,or null for the local machine
title - the title to put in the title bar,or null for no title
x,y - the screen coordinates of the upper left corner of window may use PETSC_DECIDE for these two arguments, then PETSc places the window
w, h - the screen width and height in pixels, or PETSC_DRAW_HALF_SIZE, PETSC_DRAW_FULL_SIZE, or PETSC_DRAW_THIRD_SIZE or PETSC_DRAW_QUARTER_SIZE

Output Parameters

draw -the drawing context.

Options Database Keys

-nox - Disables all x-windows output
-display <name> - Sets name of machine for the X display
-draw_pause <pause> - Sets time (in seconds) that the program pauses after PetscDrawPause() has been called (0 is default, -1 implies until user input).
-draw_cmap <name> - Sets the colormap to use.
-draw_cmap_reverse - Reverses the colormap.
-draw_cmap_brighten - Brighten (0 < beta < 1) or darken (-1 < beta < 0) the colormap.
-draw_x_shared_colormap - Causes PETSc to use a shared colormap. By default PETSc creates a separate color for its windows, you must put the mouse into the graphics window to see the correct colors. This options forces PETSc to use the default colormap which will usually result in bad contour plots.
-draw_fast - Does not create colormap for countour plots.
-draw_double_buffer - Uses double buffering for smooth animation.
-geometry - Indicates location and size of window.


When finished with the drawing context, it should be destroyed with PetscDrawDestroy().

Note for Fortran Programmers

Whenever indicating null character data in a Fortran code, PETSC_NULL_CHARACTER must be employed; using NULL is not correct for character data! Thus, PETSC_NULL_CHARACTER can be used for the display and title input parameters.

See Also

PetscDrawFlush(), PetscDrawDestroy(), PetscDrawCreate(), PetscDrawOpnOpenGL()




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