petsc-3.13.6 2020-09-29
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PETSc graphics device that uses either X windows or its virtual version Xvfb

Options Database Keys

-display <display> - sets the display to use
-x_virtual - forces use of a X virtual display Xvfb that will not display anything but -draw_save will still work. Xvfb is automatically started up in PetscSetDisplay() with this option
-draw_size w,h - percentage of screeen (either 1, .5, .3, .25), or size in pixels
-geometry x,y,w,h - set location and size in pixels
-draw_virtual - do not open a window (draw on a pixmap), -draw_save will still work
-draw_double_buffer - avoid window flickering (draw on pixmap and flush to window)

See Also

PetscDrawOpenX(), PetscDrawSetDisplay(), PetscDrawSetFromOptions()




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