petsc-3.13.6 2020-09-29
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Creates a basic Section 1.5 Writing Application Codes with PETSc ordering using two index sets.


#include "petscao.h" 
PetscErrorCode  AOCreateMappingIS(IS isapp, IS ispetsc, AO *aoout)

Input Parameters

comm - MPI communicator that is to share AO
isapp - index set that defines an ordering
ispetsc - index set that defines another ordering, maybe NULL for identity IS

Output Parameter

aoout -the new Section 1.5 Writing Application Codes with PETSc ordering

Options Database Key

-ao_view : call AOView() at the conclusion of AOCreateMappingIS() -


the index sets isapp and ispetsc need NOT contain the all the integers 0 to N-1, that is there CAN be "holes" in the indices. Use AOCreateBasic() or AOCreateBasicIS() if they do not have holes for better performance.

See Also

AOCreateBasic(), AOCreateMapping(), AODestroy()




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