petsc-3.11.4 2019-09-28
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Set the names of the datasets representing the three AIJ (CRS) arrays and the name of the attribute storing the number of columns within the HDF5 file.


#include "petscviewerhdf5.h"   
/* TODO Once corresponding MatView is implemented, add this:
  Current defaults are (iname, jname, aname, cname) = ("i", "j", "a", "ncols").
  For PetscViewerFormat PETSC_VIEWER_HDF5_MAT they are ("jc", "ir", "data", "MATLAB_sparse") so that MAT files can be loaded.
PetscErrorCode  PetscViewerHDF5SetAIJNames(PetscViewer viewer, const char iname[], const char jname[], const char aname[], const char cname[])
Collective on PetscViewer

Input Parameters

viewer - the PetscViewer; either ASCII or binary
iname - name of dataset i representing row pointers; that is i[0] = 0, i[row] = i[row-1] + number of elements in that row of the matrix
jname - name of dataset j representing column indices
aname - name of dataset a representing matrix values
cname - name of attribute stoting column count


Current defaults are (iname, jname, aname, cname) = ("jc", "ir", "data", "MATLAB_sparse") so that MAT files can be readily loaded.

See Also

MatLoad(), PetscViewerCreate(), PetscViewerSetType(), PETSCVIEWERHDF5, PetscViewerHDF5GetAIJNames()






PetscViewerHDF5SetAIJNames_HDF5 in src/sys/classes/viewer/impls/hdf5/hdf5v.c

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