petsc-3.11.4 2019-09-28
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Computes the sum of two positive PetscInt and truncates the value to slightly less than the maximal possible value


PETSC_STATIC_INLINE PetscInt PetscIntSumTruncate(PetscInt a,PetscInt b)
Not Collective

Input Parameter

a - the PetscInt value
b - the second value


the result as a PetscInt value

Use PetscInt64Mult() to compute the product of two PetscInt as a PetscInt64 Use PetscRealIntMultTruncate() to compute the product of a PetscReal and a PetscInt and truncate to fit a PetscInt Use PetscIntMultError() to compute the product of two PetscInt if you wish to generate an error if the result will not fit in a PetscInt

This is used where we compute approximate sizes for workspace and need to insure the workspace is index-able.

Not available from Fortran

See Also

PetscBLASInt, PetscMPIInt, PetscInt, PetscBLASIntCast(), PetscInt64Mult()




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