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Sets options for the line search


#include "petscsnes.h" 
PetscErrorCode SNESLineSearchSetFromOptions(SNESLineSearch linesearch)

Input Parameters

linesearch -linesearch context

Options Database Keys

-snes_linesearch_type <type> - basic, bt, l2, cp, nleqerr, shell
-snes_linesearch_order <order> - 1, 2, 3. Most types only support certain orders (bt supports 2 or 3)
-snes_linesearch_norms - Turn on/off the linesearch norms for the basic linesearch typem (SNESLineSearchSetComputeNorms())
-snes_linesearch_minlambda - The minimum step length
-snes_linesearch_maxstep - The maximum step size
-snes_linesearch_rtol - Relative tolerance for iterative line searches
-snes_linesearch_atol - Absolute tolerance for iterative line searches
-snes_linesearch_ltol - Change in lambda tolerance for iterative line searches
-snes_linesearch_max_it - The number of iterations for iterative line searches
-snes_linesearch_monitor [:filename] - Print progress of line searches
-snes_linesearch_monitor_solution_update [viewer:filename:format] - view each update tried by line search routine
-snes_linesearch_damping - The linesearch damping parameter
-snes_linesearch_keeplambda - Keep the previous search length as the initial guess.
-snes_linesearch_precheck_picard - Use precheck that speeds up convergence of picard method
-snes_linesearch_precheck_picard_angle - Angle used in picard precheck method

Logically Collective on SNESLineSearch

See Also

SNESLineSearchCreate(), SNESLineSearchSetOrder(), SNESLineSearchSetType(), SNESLineSearchSetTolerances(), SNESLineSearchSetDamping(), SNESLineSearchPreCheckPicard(),
SNESLineSearchType, SNESLineSearchSetComputeNorms()






SNESLineSearchSetFromOptions_BT in src/snes/linesearch/impls/bt/linesearchbt.c

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