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Sets the type of coarse grid interpolation to use


#include "petscdmda.h" 
#include "petscksp.h" 
PetscErrorCode  PCExoticSetType(PC pc,PCExoticType type)
Logically Collective on PC

Input Parameters

pc - the preconditioner context
type - either PC_EXOTIC_FACE or PC_EXOTIC_WIREBASKET (defaults to face)


The face based interpolation has 1 degree of freedom per face and ignores the edge and vertex values completely in the coarse problem. For any seven point stencil the interpolation of a constant on all faces into the interior is that constant.

The wirebasket interpolation has 1 degree of freedom per vertex, per edge and per face. A constant on the subdomain boundary is interpolated as that constant in the interior of the domain.

The coarse grid matrix is obtained via the Galerkin computation A_c = R A R^T, hence if A is nonsingular A_c is also nonsingular.

Both interpolations are suitable for only scalar problems.

See Also

PCEXOTIC, PCExoticType()






PCExoticSetType_Exotic in src/ksp/pc/impls/wb/wb.c

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