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Create a Schur complement matrix object using Schur data computed during the factorization step


#include "petscmat.h" 
PetscErrorCode MatFactorCreateSchurComplement(Mat F,Mat* S,MatFactorSchurStatus* status)
Logically Collective on Mat

Input Parameters

F - the factored matrix obtained by calling MatGetFactor() from PETSc-MUMPS interface
S - location where to return the Schur complement, can be NULL
status - the status of the Schur complement matrix, can be NULL


You must call MatFactorSetSchurIS() before calling this routine.

The routine provides a copy of the Schur matrix stored within the solver data structures. The caller must destroy the object when it is no longer needed. If MatFactorInvertSchurComplement() has been called, the routine gets back the inverse.

Use MatFactorGetSchurComplement() to get access to the Schur complement matrix inside the factored matrix instead of making a copy of it (which this function does)

Developer Notes

The reason this routine exists is because the representation of the Schur complement within the factor matrix may be different than a standard PETSc matrix representation and we normally do not want to use the time or memory to make a copy as a regular PETSc matrix.

See MatCreateSchurComplement() or MatGetSchurComplement() for ways to create virtual or approximate Schur complements.


See Also

MatGetFactor(), MatFactorSetSchurIS(), MatFactorGetSchurComplement(), MatFactorSchurStatus






MatFactorCreateSchurComplement_MUMPS in src/mat/impls/aij/mpi/mumps/mumps.c

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