petsc-3.11.4 2019-09-28
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Extracts elements of an array corresponding to DOFs of specified points.


#include "petscvec.h"   
PetscErrorCode PetscSectionExtractDofsFromArray(PetscSection origSection, MPI_Datatype dataType, const void *origArray, IS points, PetscSection *newSection, void *newArray[])
Not collective

Input Parameters

origSection - the PetscSection describing the layout of the array
dataType - MPI_Datatype describing the data type of the array (currently only MPIU_INT, MPIU_SCALAR, MPIU_REAL)
origArray - the array; its size must be equal to the storage size of origSection
points - IS with points to extract; its indices must lie in the chart of origSection

Output Parameters

newSection - the new PetscSection desribing the layout of the new array (with points renumbered 0,1,... but preserving numbers of DOFs)
newArray - the array of the extracted DOFs; its size is the storage size of newSection

See Also

PetscSectionGetChart(), PetscSectionGetDof(), PetscSectionGetStorageSize(), PetscSectionCreate()




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