petsc-3.11.4 2019-09-28
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Create a section describing the global field layout using the local section and an SF describing the section point overlap.


#include "petscvec.h"   
PetscErrorCode PetscSectionCreateGlobalSectionCensored(PetscSection s, PetscSF sf, PetscBool includeConstraints, PetscInt numExcludes, const PetscInt excludes[], PetscSection *gsection)

Input Parameters

+ s - The PetscSection for the local field layout . sf - The SF describing parallel layout of the section points . includeConstraints - By default this is PETSC_FALSE, meaning that the global field vector will not possess constrained dofs . numExcludes - The number of exclusion ranges - excludes - An array [start_0, end_0, start_1, end_1, ...] where there are numExcludes pairs

Output Parameter

. gsection - The PetscSection for the global field layout

Note: This gives negative sizes and offsets to points not owned by this process

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