petsc-3.11.4 2019-09-28
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Takes a ISPartitioning and determines the number of resulting elements on each (partition) process


#include "petscis.h"  
PetscErrorCode  ISPartitioningCount(IS part,PetscInt len,PetscInt count[])
Collective on IS

Input Parameters

partitioning - a partitioning as generated by MatPartitioningApply() or MatPartitioningApplyND()
len - length of the array count, this is the total number of partitions

Output Parameter

count -array of length size, to contain the number of elements assigned to each partition, where size is the number of partitions generated (see notes below).


By default the number of partitions generated (and thus the length of count) is the size of the communicator associated with IS, but it can be set by MatPartitioningSetNParts. The resulting array of lengths can for instance serve as input of PCBJacobiSetTotalBlocks. If the partitioning has been obtained by MatPartitioningApplyND(), the returned count does not include the separators.

See Also

MatPartitioningCreate(), AOCreateBasic(), ISPartitioningToNumbering(),
MatPartitioningSetNParts(), MatPartitioningApply(), MatPartitioningApplyND()




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